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Google’s Imagen 2: The Most Advanced AI image, text and logo generation ever.

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Bullish AI Logo and Hyper Realistic Image Creation

Imagen 2 on Vertex AI boasts a variety of image generation features to help organizations create images that match their specific brand requirements with the same enterprise-grade reliability and governance customers are used to with Imagen.

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Multi-language prompts

Beyond English, Imagen 2 is launching with support for six additional languages (Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish) in preview, with many others planned for release in early 2024.

First Ever API Integration

“Imagen is the most scalable text-to-image model with the safety and image quality we need,” said Josh Siegel, Senior Director of Product at Snap. “We can really rely on the brand safety, scalability, and reliability that comes with Google Cloud.

Enterprise-ready text-to-image capabilities

Generating high-quality, photorealistic, high-resolution, aesthetically pleasing images from natural language prompts +Logo generation to create company or product logos and overlay them in images

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